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Free download Bee Odyssey + Mod
June 20, 2021
Epic has made Easy Anti-Cheat
Epic has made Easy Anti-Cheat free for game developers
June 23, 2021

Free Download Kingdom Raid: RPG Defense + Mod

Choose and assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes to protect your kingdom from invasion. This innovated new game combines the best parts of collecting your favorite heroes, and leveling their skills and abilities, and defeating waves of enemies that have come to destroy your home!

Welcome to Kingdom Raid: Battle of Vanaheim (RPG Defense)!

Standard Features

Improve, Adapt, and Fight
Choose from a wide range of legendary heroes and allies to stand against the forces of evil. Your team will work even while you are sleeping. Only have a few minutes to play each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will continuously protect the world and when you log back in, you can collect the resources they gathered, and upgrade your abilities, equipment and expand your team! Unlimited possibilities!

Collect Legendary Heroes and allies
Assemble your heroes from the four different factions, each of whom has its own unique abilities, skills, and attributes. The more heroes you have, the more versatile your team can be!

Immersive strategy
Find and improve the combination of the right heroes, weapons, and allies to use. Matching the right team for the task will produce very different results! Share, your strategies, and find recommendations from your teammates to see who can build the strongest team!


Updated : June 9, 2021Size : 100 MB
Current Version : 0.9.16Requires Android : 5 and up




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